27 August 2005

Phil Nichol - Nearly Gay

Awesome show from a man with phenomenal energy. I hummed and harred regarding booking this show as I knew he would be a strong favourite to win the Perrier (and a certainty to be nominated). It's a good job that I did book as not only did politics rob him of a justifable award but I also would have missed out on one of the best shows of the year. The whole act is a story of him trying to reason with himself over another comic, Scott Capuro, attacking him on stage in Edinburgh seven years ago calling him a homophobe. Phil is a great actor (nominated for Best Actor in the Fringe this year for his other play) and it really shows as you believe his character transformations during his story from everyone from his father to Brendon Burns and a bitchy receptionist at a gay hair studio. A great voyage and very funny, I guess telling stories about gayer-than-gay sex, cocaine taking and horrific genital injuries is just too much for the nicey-nicey Perrier Awards (sponsored by the Evil™ Nestle).


  1. [...] The Official Fringe guide now and is available online too with tickets going on sale from 10am (online) and 12pm (box office) this Monday. Here are, IMHO, the highlights. First off, if you only go and see a couple of people, make sure it includes genius of Demetri Martin, the manic hyperactivity of “nearly gay” Phil Nichol and the one-night only political comic Mark Thomas. After that try experimenting with a few young people. Nominated for the Perrier Best Newcomer last year we have Michael McIntyre, the winner of the Newcomer award Austrialian musician Tim Minchin, the physical craziness of the Caesar Twins and the Korean martial arts comedy of last year’s huge hit Jump (if you’ve already seen Japan’s Gamarjobat). Traditional stand up comes from arguably the best British comedian on the circuit, Andrew Maxwell. [...]

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