28 August 2005

Perrier Comedy Awards 2005

Chris Addison snubbed the show and quite rightly. He was favourite last year and this year and instead they give it to an actress who's a newcomer to boot! The winner, Laura Solon, was awful. She seems to be a vaguely talented actress but she has no comic ability in her. The audience were silent for her various pieces. If you unable to interact with the audience (i.e. you never break the fourth wall or you pretend to be in front of a group of female friends) then you should not be eligible for a nomination. That would rule out Laura and Dutch Elm but still allow the likes of The Pub Landlord and Otis Lee Crenshaw to still win. As for the rest of the show, well... Dutch Elm Conservatoire seemed interesting but they are a comedy play and couldn't trim their hour show into 15 minutes. Jason Manford used some very old material, I heard Sean Hughes do it 10 years ago. Then he did a few minutes on how ugly Man Utd players are - everyone gets this rubbish in their inbox each day and deletes them! I walked out the fourth time Laura Solon came on so I missed the character act "Jermey Lion" and so can't comment although the other reviews of him from Edfringe.com are not complimentary. All in all the worse comedy show I've seen all year. Robin Ince hosted it and some of his material was okay but the rest was weak (yet another comic doing trite material about We Are Not Afraid.com and Gillian Mackeith, sigh). The biggest disappointment of course was last Wednesday when the nominees came out and Phil Nichol wasn't on it (ditto for Andrew Maxwell). Politics robbed the show of people with actual talent. Could this be the end of the Perrier Awards as a credible title? I bumped into Daniel Kitson far away from the venue and said to him it was re-assuring to see him so I knew there are people out there with genuine talent.


  1. Chris Addison did NOT snub the show, he was unavailable. Jeremy Lion was quite the funniest thing Ihave ever seen, I cannot find a single non-complimentary review of him on edfringe. Get your facts right.

  2. Thanks for your coments Candice, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the festival. Firstly, I heard before the shortlist was drawn up (on the Wednesday before the shows) that Chris Addison was definately not going to do the Perrier Award shows. A couple of friends of mine had tickets for his Sunday show and I queried this with the Assembly rooms and they said he was not going to do the show this year (assuming he was going to be nominated).

    As far as Jeremy Lion goes, I think we are both right. On EdFringe.com all the reviews of his individual show praise him immensely (and my collegaue in work saw him twice). I was however, refering to the reviews of him in relation to his performance at the Perrier awards. There are only three other reviews (besides my own) and the bits that mention Jeremy Lion are: "and to finish Jeremy lyon resuerecting the old childrens entertainer with an alcohol problem routine to incredibly unsuccessful effect", "to my mind. Jeremy Lion was hit-and-miss," and "I wouldn't give Dutch Elm Conservatoire or Jeremy Lion any more than three stars".

    Ignoring Jeremy Lion, what did you think of the other three acts, in particular Laura Solon?

  3. Further to my original point, Chris Addison had a prior engagement for the second show. It wasn't a snub. He was due to appear on the first show but it ran late and he couldn't do that and his own show.
    Laura is very good but should have won the best newcomer award. I enjoyed the Dutch Elm tohugh I don't know that they were good enough to be nominated. I didn't seen Jason Manford's full show, but I thought his stand up was pretty pedestrian.