24 August 2005

Perrier and Writers Awards 2005

Robert Newman just missed out on The Writers' Guild award for Best Scripted Comedy. Instead it went to Dan Tetsell for a show about his grandfather being an SS officer. The Fairtrade Dubble Act Award went to The Pajama Men who were also nominated for Best Newcomers last year (under the name Sabotage). The Perrier Nominees will be out imminently (the panel are apparently locked in discussion and have been since 9am this morning). Word on the street is Chris Addison and Phil Nichol should be nominated, possibly with Tim Minchin and Will Smith too (if he's managed to stay in character and trim his act since I saw him). That would be a relatively strong line up for my Sunday evening entertainment (and annoy my friends who have tickets to see Chris on Sunday but he'd have to cancel!) but nowhere near as strong as previous years. Only a matter of minutes until the final five are released to the world. In the meantime the most laughable name I've heard mooted for the list (by a stupid gambling website) was Lucy Porter! The Perrier Nominees have to be very very good and original, the winner has to be world class. The Evening News describes Lucy Porter as "her material is rarely knockout - more smile-along-funny than split-your-sides hilarious". Anyway, enough about her, I'm just interested in how many of the five nominees I'll have seen...

UPDATED: Wow, I'm very surpised at the final listing. Chris Addison is the favourite but Laura Solon (Kopfrapers Syndrome) is a newcomer (although a strong entery) which has its own award. Jeremy Lion (Justin Edwards) is a shock to me as character comedy has been over-yped the past few years (Pub Landlord, Otis Lee Crenshaw, Jackson's Way) and Jason Manford's 'Urban Legend' has been described as a nice slant but on an unorginal material (and he's yet another newcomer). Andrew Maxwell and Phil Nichol both miss out which is a big shock (Phil more than Andrew). Completing the list is Dutch Elm Conservatoire with 'Conspiracy', which is almost a comic play, sort-of. Tim Minchin only made the Newcomers Award shortlist alongside Mark Watson. My money has been on nice and safe, second time lucky Chris Addison. Bring on Saturday.

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