8 August 2005

Newsrevue 24/7

Started and closed very strongly which is important. Last year the show was in Chambers Street and it was great. This year they have gone with the un-tried former Odeon on Clerk Street and it sucks, big time. Basically the stage is **considerably** lower than the front row of seats meaning everyone bar the front row has an impaired vision of anything low down. Very poor deisgn by the venue and I'm sure the performers are annoyed with it (as it costs them around £200 per show). As for the show, as I said it opened very strongly with a Queen song covering the Pope's death. After that the show seem to dip quite a bit, the non-musical sketches were quite weak and very predicable. You could have easily believed you were watching a Sixth Form School Show. After a few more musical numbers the quaility really picked up and then they pulled out two great spoken pieces, one about the new Doctor Who being a ponce, the other about the ridiculous villians in Eastenders. In between was a great song about middle class mothers in 4x4 (a recurring them this festival) and the show closed with an excellent rendition of Star Treking by George Dubya and Co. With two exceptions, if you cut the non-musical bits out the show would be excellent but only 40 minutes. With them in I'll give them "very good" and clarify that I'm not disappointed I went to see it, even though I saw them last year and missed out on going to see the Umbilical Brothers. If you've never seen them then there's no time like the present, you never know if they'll be performing next year (that's a joke, they hold the World Record for longest running comedy show).

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