6 August 2005

Mark Watson - 50 Years Before Death

Never seen a comedian like him, literally. That's probably because I never saw him. We arrived and the guy said I've got space for one more and I said to KT "it's okay, I'll grab this chair". The doorman then elaborate saying "no, I've only got space for one more and then I'm at capacity". As we stood there all looking flummoxed, 8 more people walking up the stairs holding tickets. 10 minutes later following a brief chat with the supervisor of the box office it seems the venue's computer said they'd sold 50 tickets (capacity of 60) yet the girl from the ground floor had 59 correct stubs. Then there were KT, me and 8 others! We traded our tickets in for some to see Robin Ince on the recommendation of Chris Addison earlier.

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  1. [...] Mark Watson’s full title of his show is I’m Worried That I’m Starting to Hate Almost Everyone in the World but that’s just too long for my website. Mark’s performance last year was awarded with a Perrier Newcomer nomination and if you recall I said of him “I have never seen a comic like him”. I said that because they over-sold the venue and I never actually saw him, so second time lucky. The show was delayed due to problems with the mic although Mark never used it during the show, except to hang his coat on. Despite the elaborate title and set up about being mugged, the show boils down to six short stories about the six deadly sins (yes six, he combines Greed and Gluttony, both symbolised by a pig). Out of the six stories (and intro and wrap up) I was only really amused on three occasions and they were more clever gags than side-splitters. That’s not to say Mark isn’t entertaining, he is, he’s just not one of the top performers but he’s not a dud. Despite being very amiable I can only give him three stars out of five. The show isn’t a must see, but if you see someone flyering that will give you a discount (so they can then use Total Sell Out 2006 on next year’s advertising) then go see him, but I don’t think you’ll thank me if you’ve paid £10 each a head. [...]