1 August 2005

I'm A Foreign Mute Amputee, Leave Me Alone!

My t-shirt is nearly ready for me to wear for the next month. It says on it "I'm a foreign mute amputee" in big letters. Underneath that it reads "I don't understand English, I can't speak and I have no hands". Finally it says "So don't bother me with your flyers!". That should do me for this year... In other thoughts I've been mildly impressed with some recent changes to the design of cars. Ignoring the Smart range very little has happened in recent years that shows a unique thought. A little while back Peugeot (amongst others) replaced their rear lights with LEDs and in turn put them in fancy strips like ///. This weekend I finally saw the new Golf Plus, a bigger version of the Golf and I was impressed. Finally I saw the coolest enhancement of all, the doors on the new 1007.


  1. Well you maybe a mute amputee that doesn't understand English but you type English pretty well so I thnk that you are going to be okay. Where are you from?

  2. Hi Lolamarie, I'm originally from Liverpool but I now live in Edinburgh in Scotland. I couldn't help but look at how you found my site (from all the way over there in sunny California) and saw what you searched for with Blogger. Just to clarify for any future people searching for amputees, I'm not one. The above line is a sarcastic comment with respect to the way flyers are distributed during the Edinburgh Festivals. Even if you keep your hands at your side they'll stick them in your bag or in between your arms! That said, thanks again for your comment and I hope you enjoy the site.

  3. [...] I think I can put away my “I do all my own stunts” t-shirt and instead bring out my “I’m a foreign mute amputee” t-shirt. This t-shirt was designed last year and under the main title it elaborates “I don’t understand English, I can’t speak and I have no hands”. The conclusion reads “So don’t bother me with your flyers!”. Interesting when I posted this last year I received a large number of people hitting my website having Googled for the term ‘amputee’. I’m sure what they were expecting to find, nor do I understand the comment posted on the original story… A little bit freaky. [...]