25 August 2005


The first and only film British film made to the Dogme principles. Heard everyone of all ages (including Dave Fulton) coming out of this film (before I went in to see the appaling Robert Carmichael) chatting saying that this film was "excellent". As if further proof were needed, take a look at IMDB. If you ignore the erronious overall rating and look into the details you will find over 75% of people rating it gave it a 10/10 mark. In fact it has also been selected as "Best of the Film Fest" and is being screened on Sunday. Just a quick word about IMDB's vote calculator. To avoid "vote stuffing" they tend to lessen the value of the 10s or the 1s. Gypo received 16 10s and and few 1s and 2s. Somehow it got a calculated value of 3.7! Robert Carmichael on the other hand was split between 50% giving it 1s and the other half giving it 8s 9s or 10s giving it a "calculated" 6.7! The moral of the story is look deeper than the front page single value (and watch Gypo!).

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