7 August 2005

Gamarjobat - A Shut Up Comedy from Japan

Great silent comedy that transcends language - thoroughly enjoyable. The opening 20 minutes was exceptional. Some great visual gags, magic tricks, mime and performance art (like going down escalators). Really and truly belly-shakingly funny for any age and any language. The only thing I'd prefer is to be in a better venue as the design of the former Odeon in Clerk Street is just moronic. The stage should have been raised consdierable higher so everyone could see (although on a few things happened low down). After the opening piece in suits there is a long Rocky story which occassionally slows but picks up with several funny moments. It would have been better if they trimmed the boxer routine down to 30 mins and finished with a final 10 minutes of insane clowning around like they did at the beginning. There is more than enough to make everyone leave feeling statified, even if the boxer routine drags on too long. Unmissable is you want very clean, simple fun (a real rarity and nice change not to hear feck during a festival show) or like similar (but physically less impressive clowning) such as Men In Coats.

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