18 August 2005

Demetri Martin – These Are Jokes

Got a free ticket to see him last night, paid to see him tonight. I would have gladly paid £10 each night to see him perform. Put simply this guy is exceptional, he told jokes to us while playing a glockenspiel with one hand and a keyboard with the other. The show opened with him playing a harmonic, strumming a guitar and with his right foot playing a mini keyboard! Consistently up there as one of the best comics on the circuit. His first (Perrier Award Winning) show was “If I” which was an introspective look at himself and his life up until he got into comedy. Last year he performed “Spiral Bound”, a surreal story about being trapped in his note book and he couldn't escape until he changed. This year, possibly due to his work commitment writing for Conan O Brian, he performs “These Are Jokes”, an eclectic ramble of excellent observations and highly intelligent manipulations of our language (Strathmore Still Spring Water, after all these years). Okay it wasn't quite as good as his last two shows but it was almost as good as Steven Wright's legendary performances (and that's not bad for a 32 year old). Jimmy Carr was their the first night and if I was Jimmy I'd go home and cry having seen the talent and wealth of material Demetri manages to conjure up (no cheap puns such as “fattist” in sight!). Best of the festival so far, with Robert Newman and Chris Addison tied for second.

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