12 August 2005

Dara O'Briain

Much bigger venue than last year, infact he's playing in the biggest venue the festival has (as far as I know). Hundreds of people will be coming to see him having seen him on HIGNFY and the rather weak Mock The Week - usually not a good sign. Before I start, let me say that Dara is a first class stand-up with incredible speed of thought. Then let me say that for this performance he was high on painkillers as he's just had knee surgery (and has to walk with a crutch). All in all, I think the show was good. It wasn't as good as Chris Addison as he had so much more material, rather than anicdotes. Dara made us laugh all the way through but we never burst into uncontrollable belly-laughter. The only real downside was that the final two segments were about a joke he made during HIGNFY and his appearence on Room 101. Both of these events I witnessed so it was disappointing not to hear anything new for the final 20 minutes or so. That said, it was still a thouroughly enjoyable show, deserving of four stars out of five (the same as Newsrevue or Jeff Green from last year).

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