7 August 2005

Danny Bhoy

Very good observational stuff from the best Scottish Comidean (I'm not a fan of Frankie Boyle and Billy Connolly is phenomeally over-rated). Very calm and relaxed on stage, clearly being doing it for years. It wasn't a performance, more a friend ellaborating on his amusing thoughts. Interesting he started with the news that the WHO have declared the Scottish diet to be the worst in the world. That's worse thatn all the African countries some many people are starving! While his show was very enjoyable, he reminded me of Jeff Green who we saw last year. Very comfortable and un-aggressive but you felt it could have been raised to another level and you never really laughed with your whole belly. Don't get me wrong it is a good show, better than I expected and he's a lot more entertaining than Omid Djalili. It's just not great. The best two gags were from what he claimed to be true stories. The first was about flying on a propellar plane in Australia where the minor next to him pulled out a hardcore porn mag, the second (and last routine of the night) involved a urinal in one of the pubs in Edinburgh were someone had scribbled on to the tiles "Express Lane - 5 Beers Or Less Only". There were a few young teenagers in the audience and there really was no problem with the being there (just a handful of fecks). That says a lot as some many other comics really on excessive bad language to get cheap laughs (and I'm not talking split infinitives here).


  1. Dude! If you have aspirations towards one day becoming one, you should learn how to spell it! And don't try and claim it was a typo either.

  2. Damn it!!! I was typing this up in the Wetherspoons pub in Birmingham International Airport. Not only did I not have a working spell check (no excuse), I also had one too many Magners. I won't correct it, I'll just leave it there for Google to enjoy.

    Incidentally, "a girl called Sam" came up to me and told me that I had spelt Billy Connolly's name wrong. I defended myself my saying I don't care for him so why should I know how to spell his name. Amazing that she never noticed the mistake just prior to it...

  3. fuck off, billy connolly is legend