4 August 2005

Danniel Kitson

Winner of the Perrier Award 2002 returns to The Stand with a longer than normal show (1.25 hours which actually wnet on to 1.5 on the first night). He said he hadn't looked at the show for a week but you really couldn't tell. Obviously when you have a stutter you get away with momentary lapses of memory! Danniel is a very interesting Yorkshireman. Several of his quips sound like a mixture of some of Steve Coogan's characters and The Office's David Brent (not a big fan of either). The difference here though is Danniel is very intelligent and this sort of brilliance far outshines the over-running cringe "humour" of The Office. One such example is when he mentioned his friend and hiself use "ironical racism" and later when mocking the Scottish accent he said "I have a scottish friend in my circle of friends and we treat him very much like we would a black friend; it shows how liberal we are". His observations, delivery and intelligence really makes the show very enjoyable, if not side-splitting funny, and you forget how cramped you are in the basement of The Stand.

Covering such great arrears for stimulational as being called a mysoginist, being an egotist and meeting people for the first time, the show really flows and clearly has so much thought and content put into it (unlike Lucy Porter last year). One of my favourite ego lines was when he was told "don't think the world revolves around you" he thought, "well from my eyes it does. I'm in minute of the world that I percieve" (that quote doesn't really do justice to his piece). Very humble, funny, provocative and just a damn fine pleasure to listen to. Don't expect cheap laughs though, this man's a thinker.

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