17 August 2005

Crash - You Can't Crash When Involved In This Type Of Race

Tonight's film was the highly advertised and reasonably well praised Crash. First off the loose connection relating to car crashes is just that - loose. The whole film revolves around race and of course racism. My initial concern was when I saw the running time of 1 hour 57 minutes. Having walked out I can honestly say it didn't drag at all. As there are eight main characters and they only slightly overlap with each other, their on-screen time is limited so you don't get bored by their stories. The various plots are nicely woven together and twist and turn quite delightfully. At one major point I feared the whole story was going to be ruined by a stupid and trashes plot twist but boy was I wrong. I sat there stunned as they totally fooled me in two consecutive sequences, raising their game just as you felt the various ending may suddenly become typical Hollywood trash. All in all I heartedly recommend this film, from the light humour at the beginning, through the moral issues raised and all the way to satisfactory resolutions of all the character's journeys. Once or twice you have to suspend disbelief a little bit (people being in the wrong place at the wrong time) but nowhere near as much as another mainstream film. The only downside is towards the end where a major plot twist is re-explained for very stupid people and then (much to my disgust during the film), re-explained by another character and shoved right in your face. The cinema groaned at this point and I (uncharacteristically) yelled out an expletive/heckle. Drop this one scene and the film is definitely worth 9/10. With it in it still gets an "excellent", but only 8/10. Still go and see it though.

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