6 August 2005

Chris Addison - Atomicity

Very fast paced stuff from a man with buckets of material. The strongest act I've seen in any festival, after of course Dara O'Briain and at number one Demetri Martin. The show revolves around the periodic table of elements (cool I hear some of you cry, others just cry). We journey with him through several tangents to try to discover what this iconic chemistry poster means to our lives. Chris is clearly very intelligent (although not a science boffin) and the show is incredibly well researched and rehearsed. Nobody could tell it was only his third night doing this show (in Edinburgh, he did admit to trying it out somewhere near London). This is excellent value for you ten pounds. Very brief highlights (not important gags) include the Queen opening parliament and reading "my government intend to bring in the following bills what the copied fom the Daily Mail". He also out-witted us all after we groaned at "now the Bronze Age was the third best age of all time". Excellent stuff, my first "must see".

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