7 August 2005

Best of the Fest (6th Aug)

Standing on George Street at Midnight I got chatting with one of the Assembly Rooms' staff and he told me the previous night the audience were waiting outside for 57 minutes! We only had to wait 15 minutes and saw Andy Parsons leaving the venue and Rob Gilbert arriving. Last year we had to wait an hour to see Lucy Porter and believe me she wasn't worth it, she was totally devoid of jokes and any thing resembling material. Guess who was on Best of the Fest ... Lucy Porter. Oh yeah and Chris Addison who we'd just seen 3 hours ago. There were others though, notable Stewart Lee headlining it so I was happy. Eddie Perfect started off and was okay, KT felt he was a far better musician than a comic. After another bomb by Lucy Porter we had the Welsh Rob Gilbert. There were several sustained belly laughing moments regading cheap airline travel and then he starting talking about stalking people. He asked if there were any stalkers in and got a decent response. "What do you like about stalking, my friend?" he asked someone in the balcony. "I don't know your friend" came the immediate response. Excellent. The show climaxed with Stewart Lee, a great comic who I was annoyed I missed by chosing Omid Djalili over him. His delivery was quite slow tonight, either because of a few drinks, or the fact that he started at 1.45am, or maybe he's just slowed down in recent years. The crowd seemed to have tied too (just like for Jimeoin's headline piece last night) but he was still a pleasure to see. Despite the number of comics I do feel a bit let down with both multi-comic shows. If I'd paid 10 a ticket I'd be very annoyed but I suppose it was actually worth a fiver. Talked briefly about Joe Pasquale stealing the material of circuit comics, likewise when Jimmy Carr for sued Jim Davidson last year for stealing his "fattist" joke. I'm not impressed by Jimmy Carr, I find his interaction with the audience very scripted and rigid and his material is also too similar and quite often predicatable. In light of that I was very amused when Stewart continued with "although, if Jim Davidson wants to steal your jokes that means it's time to get new material". Nice final joke to close the night out with, a simple switch regarding the TV coverage of the Pope's funeral and Camilla's wedding which was to be on the same day. He ended with the line "on one hand you want to see a wrinkled old corpse ... I'm not going to patronise you and finish that joke off. Good night!".

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