27 August 2005

Antikörper (Antibodies)

Antikörper is very slick German serial killer film that keeps you thinking all the way through the film. The film starts with the brutal capturing of the serial killer and then takes us to a small German town which is the focal point of the film. A young girl was killed there and the part time policeman believes it was the serial killer but the murder doesn't fully match the profile of his other crimes. The local policeman goes to see the serial killer to try to resolve the nagging doubt but instead gets dragged into mind games with the killer. As the film progresses our hero starts witnessing evil all around and inside himself and the serial killer takes each confrontation to the next level. A lot better and more believable that Se7en (which I didn't think was too scary and the ending was a bit too predictable), Christian Alvart really does keep you guessing as to how the film is going to turn out. As good as Lola Rennt(Run Lola Run) – go out of your way to watch this.

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