26 July 2005

Why Labels Are Useless

Sadly this isn't a little piece slating fashion designers :-( At the weekend I was having a conversation with a few friends when the subject of meat eating came up. I have friends who don't eat meat for a variety of reasons and classify themselves as vegetarians or vegans. The problem is that one of them loves pepperoni but won't eat fish or any fresh meat. Similarly one vegan will eat honey, the other one won't. Back in the late 80s stereo-typing became this bad thing. I think it's about time all labelling, be reduced to have the least possible weight. My friend isn't a vegetarian with exceptions x, y and z. He is himself. A great philosopher once wrote "I am what I am" (the philosopher has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic church, his name just happens to be Pope Ye).


  1. Labels are useful: you go into a restaurant, proudly announce that you are a vegan and then you will definitely get something you can eat (or get thrown out). You don't want to go into a restaurant and spend half an hour expounding your unique theory of the moral food chain just to get a tofu burger in honey.

    Based on this, labels should always mean the most extreme version. Therefore 'vegan' doesn't mean 'sometimes eats honey' and 'Linux user' means 'long hair, unwashed and frothing-at-the-mouth anti-microsoft'

  2. :-D

    Hope you liked the Red Dwarf reference... This from the person whose first party in Edinburgh insisted 40 people wore labels!