7 July 2005

War Of The Worlds - No One Would Have Believed...

War of the Worlds was last night's film and it was pretty good. Not a great deal of dialogue, good sequences and effects and some really tense (Jurassic Park-esque) sequences. The music was good, usual John Williams incidental stuff, both without a killer piece (no orchestral/synth title theme). I guess the ending was a little bit short, hindered by the mainstream end scene. All in all worth seeing, a damn site better than Independence Day, but should have been a 15 cert. Some easy ways to improve it would be to use Richard Burton's voice as the narrator, maybe have some people find out about the panic by radio (nod to the hysteria caused by that) and finally make Tom Cruise's character more like-able (weird not having anyone to really empathise with in the film). Next week we're going to try the black comedy set at the Edinburgh Fringe called Festival.

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