10 July 2005

Wam Outside Today, Warm Outside Everyday

My specials thermometer tells me the air temperature is 26°C and at ground level it is and incredible 46°C! Justification that when I went out yesterday wearing stupid boot cut jeans that are far too close I had to drive around for the afternoon in just my boxer shorts (and shoes)! Speaking of driving, I went along the A8000 for the first and last time. What an awful road, so heavily congested and a rubbish way of getting to the Forth Road Bridge. We managed to crawl out of bed and go to Ingliston Market again this morning. It's a nice enough place but over half the stuff at the car boot sale part of it should just go straight in the bin. It is amazing to see the rubbish that people have and think someone else will buy! Have actually zero petrol in the car at the moment, hope we can make it five miles to the petrol station!

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