28 July 2005

US Neuters Crazy Frog; Bill Gates Involved With Aliens

Hmmm. Damn US companies. First off The Register is reporting that the Crazy Frog's wedding tackle has been snipped off by iTunes. The US release of the Axel F single has a picture of him less his cocktail sausage whilst straddling a huge phallic rocket. In other Register reported news, Micro$oft's new map website seems to be missing several areas of the Nevada desert, yet Google maps managed to show the satellite pictures of a military base that doesn't exist.


  1. Well there ya go. I had no idea Gmaps actually featured that. I think I'll take yet another look into the void..

    What's really interesting tho is the idea that theres actually another Phill Gillespie out there. And spelt with 2 I say two ! LL's !

    What's your middle name ?

  2. G'day. My middle names are Anthony and Michael in that order. Any middle names yourself?

  3. Middle name is Thomas :)

    From QLD Australia.
    2 Outta three isn't bad :)


  4. Bugger..

    I decided to see if I could hunt up another Phill Gillespie purely for the fun of it. The fun didn't last long.. I actually cringed when I saw this, the result of a search for the full name "Phillip Gillespie".. Look for the link 'Phillip Gillespie' - it's in blue. Seems he's a truck driver, missing courtesy of Katrina.

    Odd what's in a name.. I hope he turns up.