25 July 2005

Perfect Pizzas Taste Better When They Are Free!

Mmmm, free food. I've just bought 8 bottle of Tabasco sauce (about £1.20). I hate tomatoes so no Bloody Marys for me, so why buy so many? Simple, the boxes are flashed with "Free Pizza" and inside is a voucher for a free 10" Cheese and Tomato pizza with any four toppings from Perfect Pizza (aka Papa John's). You get six slices of a very taste pizza, better than the new pan pizzas from Pizza Hut (I did taste testing for them before they were launched). Better still, they give you a free sauce to dip your crusts in! Throw in a garlic bread and you've got a good meal for two. On top of all that TGI Fridays still have a great BOGOF promotion on until the end of the month (but not a weekends). Think I'll take them up on that again this week...

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