4 July 2005

Ow, Lots of Pain for a Very Good Cause

That's the Make Poverty History March complete then and the whole group of us are in a lot of pain. First off our lower backs are hurting from all the standing around trying to get out of the pens (they 'locked' people up so there wouldn't be a crush trying to get up Middle Meadow Walk). We are all now bright red as none of us took heed of the warnings to wear sun cream. You can see tan lines were my sun glasses were! You can see most of the 225,000 in my gallery from the event. On to today and it's the lowercase "march" today and I can't get the Womble song out of my head. I was going to go to the gym at lunch time despite all the groups meeting right outside it (but basically I'm too lazy or hurting too much, you decide). I was going to wear a t-shirt to work today that I got on Saturday saying "Abolish all Third World debts by 2010" but the advice our director passed on from the police is not to wear anything that would look like a target. Instead I'm wearing a rather nice white t-shirt with a red circle in the middle.

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