24 July 2005

Motorists Drive Me Around The Bend!

It truly amazes me just how bad some people are at driving and how un-observant others are. Do peoples' minds switch off when they get behind a wheel? Here are the most common and annoying errors I've come across in recent weeks. If you are turning off a road INDICATE! Don't just brake and turn, show some courtesy to the people behind you. The same goes for roundabouts. When you get on a roundabout you must indicate as you are chaning lanes. You carry on indicating to show which way you are going and then as you change lanes to turn off you indicate left. For the few people that still do that, well done (I assume the others thought they only had to do it once on their test to prove they could do it and then that was it for life). When I'm indicating it means I'm going that way. I may go all around the roundabout back in the direction I came from. That's why we use indicators, so idiots driving trucks and coaches don't just assume I'm going to turn off before them. When turning right move as far forward as you can, especially if you are doing the annoying "turning left side to left side" so neither of you can see what's coming from the other direction. Don't be timid. Finally, the yellow box. If you are turning right and your exit to the yellow box is clear, MOVE into the middle of it. If traffic is coming straight on and they have right of way that's not a problem you suppose to be in the middle of the yellow waiting for your chance to turn. Do NOT wait outside the yellow box thinking it's the right thing to do (re-read Highway Code Rule 150). I think that'll do for the moment.

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