10 July 2005

How To Barbecue

Yesterday ended with a very nice barbecue up at Blackford Hill (next to the Royal Observatory). It's just a shame that under one of the hills there was a 30 person rave going on! There are a few good pieces of advice I can share to help everyone have a great BBQ too. Firstly don't use Sainsbury's BBQs, they are rubbish. Asda's disposable ones are great (although they sell permanent one for only £15). If you are going to use a disposable BBQ here's a great tip to stop damaging the grass, tarmac or concrete (believe me you will!). Simply put it on 6 or 8 empty beer cans in a two column row and then press the tray down on them (to steady it). The heat now dissipates through the air and doesn't affect the surface below - even grass!