13 July 2005

Heatwave Is Over, Film Festival Launches Today

Thankfully the heatwave is now over! Too sticky to try to sleep and too noisy in the Grassmarket to have all of the windows open. In other news several blog search engines don't seem to be picking up my name, Phill Gillespie, or my domain name, phillg.com. That sentence should fix it. Finally, to distract me from the Liverpool vs TNS game this evening, the Edinburgh International Film Festival programme launches today. Highlights for me will include the brutal Wolf Creek, a film that is being describe as more intense than Haute Tension, Antik├Ârper (Antibodies), a German thriller about a serial killer and the Hong Kong horror Sei mong se jun (Ab-normal Beauty). I'm in two minds about On A Clear Day, a British Comedy ineviatably compared to the Full Monty. The only reason I may give it a miss is the tickets are £7.50 each and a week after the festival ends (when I have nothing to do!), it comes out on general release and KT and I can see it for £5.80 thanks to Orange Wednesdays! The controversial film of this year will definately beThe Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael, a British film sharing a lot with Clockwork Orange but trying to show how bad (the Iraq) war is.

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