29 July 2005

Flat Characters and Slow Plot but Very Funny and Authentic Dialogue

It's official, I accept I didn't make the cut :-( The first script I've properly produced and it never made the "long list" in the BBC's competition The Last Laugh. Basically you had to choose a half written sitcom and write the second half. The winning one would be made into a pilot. I chose "Good Morning Miss Milton" by Paul Mayhew-Archer (writer of Vicar of Dibley) which is set in a primary school. While it didn't make the cut, here are what some semi-professional writers said about my work: "Some very good lines" "I thought the dialogue flowed very smoothly; however the overall feel I got from the script was comedy-drama rather than sitcom" "I didn't feel that all of your dialogue was necessary, and maybe if you had got rid of some of this aimless or semi-humorous dialogue, it would have given you more room to put in better jokes, which judging from the best bits of this, you could have done." "I must compliment you on the actual dialogue which was natural and efficient." I'm sure that's got you interested, so here is the original start of the show (copyright BBC) and having read that you can read my ending. Comments are very welcome.