21 July 2005

Festival - Get Ready For The Festival ... Watch Festival!

Watched Festival last night, a Scottish film based around the Edinburgh Festival (Fringe and Comedy to be specific). It was great. Not just the high calibre of acting or dialogue, but the plot and exploration of relationships was also excellent. Definitely worth watching, not just to see some amazing shots in and around the centre Edinburgh. Best Edinburgh film ever (Trainspotting was shot in Glasgow and London, only a few things were actually shot in Edinburgh). Very freaky though seeing several scenes shot five doors up from my flat! A couple of thoughts about the cast. The lead comic, Chris O'Dowd looks like a cross between Dennis Pennis and the guy from the Nationwide adverts ("new customers only"). One other interesting piece of casting was Amelia Bullmore as a Scottish woman renting out here expensive New Town house to a Canadian group. She has previously played Alan Partridge's Russian girlfriend, Sonja, in the second series of I'm Alan Partridge and more surprisingly Steph Barnes in Coronation Street back in the early 90s! Just gave it a 10 on IMDB.

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