27 July 2005

Fantastic Four - Michael Chiklis Rocks, Some Others Are Okay

There's only one reason to see the Fantastic Four ... and it's not to see Jessica Alba in her underwear (hint: watch Sin City, everyone strips in that, even the men). Out of the four characters, the only one I ever actually liked was The Thing aka Ben Grimm. Michael Chiklis (star of The Shield) does his very best to show some of his talent and make us feel the struggle inside The Thing as he tries to come to terms with what he's become. Sadly you don't always believe he is made of rock, several times it is too obvious that he's covered in orange foam. The fact that any emotions come through such heavy make-up is testament to Michael's ability. All in all it was a decent film (very similar to The Incredibles which in turn is based on the Fantastic Four). The cheap jokes and quips would have been laugh out loud funny if literally all of them had been shown in the trailers before hand :-( There was the right amount special effects and the journey of the lead characters was interesting, probably the only downside to the story was that there was only one real battle with the bad guy (Dr. Doom) and he took quite a while to become evil. The sequel should be considerably stronger as the back stories have now all been sorted.

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