29 June 2005

Who Controls the Weather? Doesn't Anyone Really Know?

Four more days until the Make Poverty History march (and a load of other G8 protests) and the BBC are having a laugh with their weather forecasts! Yesterday it said rain today, tomorrow and Friday, thunder storms on Saturday :-( Change of plan today. Still forecasting rain today (quite nice at the moment), lightning tomorrow, fine on Friday and partial sun on Saturday :-) The barbecue can still go ahead! I know this is still a four day forecast but I'm willing to take it. BTW there was an AI programme years ago that beat all the best weather forecasters in predicting the next day's condition (having spent ages "learning" from existing data). When they took a closer look to see how it was doing they found that the accurate predictions came from a very simple algorithm it had created: "Today's weather will be the same as yesterday". UPDATE: The latest forecast is clouds, rain and sun! At least they're confident it won't snow...

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