28 June 2005

Come 'head Rafa, Get Your Pen Out!

Well, we're back in pre-season training and no new players yet :-( Word is Reina will arrive this week now that Kirkland is out on loan at WBA. Next up is Zenden coming in on a free early next week (replacing Biscan) and that now seems to be a done deal. Now we are into the realms of press rumours. Stellios seems to be replacing Smicer and the young Gonzalez looks like he'll be added extra width (even though he won't be able to play for 5 more months). That leaves speculation over a striker (despite Baros staying) and a centre back. I really hope Parry just coughs up the extra cash need to get Kuyt and Milto (respectively). Is there enough cash left over for Rafa's old friend Aimar? I hope so. The young talent should get a chance to break-through this year, notably Le Tallec, Pongolle, Welsh, Mannix, Potter and Medjani. 16/1 to retain the European Cup isn't so crazy you know (although my money will be on the Premiership).

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